Legends of the Hidden Temple Shrine of the Silver Monkey T Shirt from Busted Tees

by on May 1, 2012

This shirt is obviously highlighting the Silver Monkey shrine in Legends of the Hidden Temple. If you ever played this game as a kid, or young adult, or even old adult, you know how addictive can be, which is why you’re a prime candidate to own the Shrine of the Silver Monkey T Shirt. Only 1 in 7 will know what the hell you shirt is all about, but once you see recognition in someone’s eyes, you’ll know it’s all worth it.

That’s right, if you purchase this shirt from Busted Tees the time and money you spend will be all worth it, because this is an instant cult classic and you will make weirdo gamer friends just by wearing it on the street for like 90 minutes. Guaranteed.

Here’s the clip you were wanting to see:

And the obligatory Wikipedia link.

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