Lebron James Destroys Cleveland Again

by on December 2, 2010

I watched some of that Cleveland Cavaliers versus the Miami Heat game and it wasn’t pretty. It’s like Lebron came back to the old house, where his ex lives, made up a nice sandwich, picked up a few items he had left, smacked her on the ass, winked at her new man, grabbed a beer, and skipped out the door to his younger, hotter girl. Sort of like that.

Honestly, James’ execution of the decision, and the circus Miami threw to introduce the big three was atrocious, and he they deserve some blow back for that, but this is a very dangerous team. They only had to figure out a few things. One, work a two man game with James and Wade, and, two, run every chance you get. You do that and all the inadequacies of the roster, the lack of a bruising big, mediocre point guard play…none of it will matter, because they will run people out of the gym, just like they are doing to the Cavs right now. And, that’s the concern. This game totally gives the team swagger, and gets them in a groove. They could easily knock off a 9-game winning streak or something.

That’s the concern I have. I don’t like the Heat. I want them to fail. It was fun watching them struggle early, but all that shit may just serve to make them stronger for the next 6 or 7 years. We may have just witnessed the arrival, the rising of the beast.

They’re not going to win the game, but maybe the Cavs can get a measure of revenge by proving that the Miami Heat tampered prior to the free agent signing period.

Anyway, who cares, especially when there are funny t shirts to laugh at and purchase.

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