Lebron James Beast T Shirt

by on June 23, 2012

Lots of people are wondering what’s going on with this Lebron Beast T Shirt. Why? Because he chose that shirt as his celebration apparel the night he carried the Miami Heat to the NBA Championship. The crew went out to LIV, THE happening night club in Miami, and dropped $200,000 on champagne, entertainment from LMAO, and premium peanuts (I made that up, but there had to be some other stuff…call girls???).

The shirt sort of looked like Lebron the Vampire in the blurry shitty videos that popped up on Youtube, but upon closer inspection, it’s more like Lebron with tiger or lion features, including piercing eyes and fangs.

So that’s the story. Apparently, you can only get the shirt at the Unknwn store in Miami. It was designed by Mi Gente Clothing after Lebron won his third MVP trophy. Of course, after that celebration by the Finals MVP this shirt may be popping up in other places. As it should, because it’s cool looking and Lebron’s career has been quite interesting.

Of course, a year or so ago, I would have thrown up in my mouth if I saw that shirt, and especially if I saw Lebron wearing that shirt, but today I’m still feeling pretty much in awe of the young fella’s resolve, and the way his game has evolved into a thing of beauty. No more chucking three pointers.

He’s posting. He’s driving. And he’s dishing. And he’s doing that at best in the game type levels. Oh, and he can effectively guard five positions on defense. Let’s go through that again. The world champion Miami Heat’s offense runs through the man, and he anchors the defense, and he gets about 13 seconds of rest on the bench per contest. Unbelievable.

I didn’t really want it to be like that after The “Clumsy” Decision and that dork ass we are the champion celebration before they even got on the court, but I think they figured it out. Bosh was great. Wade was very nice in a complementary roll. And then there was James.

Here he is talking about the journey:

Here he is wearing the shirt and rapping:

He figured it out. The league could be in trouble for a long time.

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