Leading Causes of Car Accidents: Speeding, Texting, Turtle Shells T-Shirt

by on July 20, 2010

This is just one of those PSA “Slow your roll” tshirts that we all need to see and digest at times. Always good to have reminders to keep the speed down, to stop texting while driving, and, of course, to avoid the red turtle shells that sort of look like granades…at least in Mario Kart they do. Many  believe the red turtle shells are the most wicked weapons in the history of video games.

Well, now that you’ve been reminded of safety, perhaps you would be so kind as to pay it forward. Buy this Leading Causes of Car Accidents—Speeding, Texting, Turtle Shells Tshirt and wear it often. Especially, around the younger teenage drivers.

Thanks this has been a message from your overprotective mama and Snorg Tees.

Just to be sure. No texting and driving please:

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