Lawn Mower Push It Push It Real Good T shirt

by on January 23, 2011

Pick up on this…Salt-N-Pepper nailed it with that Push It song.

This dance for everybody. Only the sexy people. So, if you’re not sexy, the next best thing to do is to get the lawn mower out and push it. Make sure you have the black mid-calf black socks and a real chunky boot or an off-brand white sneaker. Not sure if you have enough balls to wear boxers and a wife beater white tee. Maybe just cut off jean shorts and the wife beater and the sunglasses that flip down over your regular glasses frames.

Why the hell am I talking about mowing the lawn when it’s 12 degrees out, and the yards across the land are frozen over. I’ll tell you why. Because Salt-N-Pepper can bring sunshine to even the most miserable day with the heat comin’ off this song. Even 24 years later.

Oh yeah, when you’re not mowing the lawn, rather hitting the town and being fly, you’ll need to wear the Push It Push It Real Good T Shirt. You know how I know this shirt is what you need to be wearing…because Busted Tees printed it, and they genius.

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