Last Supper Sausage Fest T Shirt

by on May 15, 2008

Last Supper Sausage Fest tshirtWarning: Really irreligious shirt. Perhaps even blasphemous. Certainly distasteful to those that believe.

You know, maybe things would have turned out better had they allowed some women up in there. Balance things out. A little different perspective. Savvier negotiations with the Romans. Less betrayal. Different sorts of kisses. Something. Of course, it ain’t the Last Supper if it ain’t the last supper.

Jerry Falwell would turn over in his grave if he saw this caption under this famous pictorial.

On a side note: Man I hate the word supper. Gives me the weebie geebies. Supper and meal make my stomach turn. Gimmee dinner every time.

Want to stir things up next time you mingle with the religious right. Don the Sausage Fest tee shirt. But, you gotta get it to wear it.

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