Incredible Hulk Change T Shirt from Last Exit to Nowhere

by on March 25, 2012

This is a great design, capturing Bill Bixby right in the midst of his change from ordinary man into the Incredible Hulk. Of course, you also have the Barack Obama campaign poster angle here as well, which is the perfect touch. Shepard Fairey’s design for the Obama Change and Hope campaign really made an impact, and it continues to show up all over the place, especially on funny t shirts.

The change that happened with the fictional Invisible Hulk had about as much impact on the United States culture as Obama’s false campaign promises. He’s just a status quo as any of his predecessors, but that’s not what he was voted in for. Whoever managed his campaign could feel the need to espouse Change, because he could feel the general unrest in the population. Great move to get elected, but it becomes unfortunate when you see how beholden this President is to Big Pharma, Monsanto, and Wall Street. It’s a shame, and we can only “hope” that there will be “change” in his second term.

But, this isn’t a political blog, it’s a t-shirt blog, and I’m quite happy to note that I stumbled upon this terrific UK shirt site called Last Exit to Nowhere. You really need to check them out. They have a ton of great designs, including this great Incredible Hulk Change T Shirt.

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