La Fraise Means Stawberry and Great T Shirts in French

by on November 27, 2010

La Fraise offers everything you’d expect from a T Shirt shop in France. Very artistic designs, some humor, and some weirdness with a little sexiness thrown in. They have a nice selection of shirts priced at 23 Euros, which is probably about 92 US dollars, but if your thing is a little more artistry and sophistication on your t shirts then you can’t go wrong. But, start looking and figuring out what you want now, because they do a limited run of 500 for each shirt.

The online sales part of the operation is run by Spreadshirt, which is a well respected online retailer, so you can feel very comfortable purchasing from the United States. I guess they also run a design contest out of Germany, so some of the shirts are designed to promote events, which can be kind of interesting if you want to look all cosmopolitan and International and Euro-Fabulous.

Some of the more interesting shirts I noticed on the site include:


This looks like American marketing guru Seth Godin papering an exterior wall with Post-It Notes. That’s cool. Maybe this orange jumpsuit with a number on the back is a public works uniform, or maybe I have no idea how anything in France works.

Cute Cat

Hey, it’s a cool game. See if you can see all seven differences between the top cat and birds image and the bottom cat and bird images. Take your time. Spot seven differences. That cat sure looks satiated and happy and cute even with cute little chickadee blood smeared all over its face.


You have heard of eager beaver, well this is evil beaver. He ran into Pinocchio in the forest and decided instead of working so hard on the bark of a tree, he could cheat a little and eat the sweet innards of the tree, which Pinocchio is made out of. That white glove is just a very macabre touch. Say what you will about evil beaver, but that hat is smashing.

The End is Near

Man, these French designers are kind of dark. Here’s a prediction of the end, and the baby grand is making sure he is correct with his sandwich board prophecy…at least his end.

Cuckoo Hanged

Not sure if this is a gruesome mechanical error or if that cuckoo was sick of the daily grind. Same thing day after day and hour after hour. Cuckoo. Cuckoo.

Invisible Man Connect the Dots

Very interesting looking shirt. Connect the dots on the shades, the hat and the suit, but no face because he’s the invisible man.


Is this really what we have come to? Reducing the scary monsters of years gone past to tchotchke Zippo lighters. And, even further now, on a t shirt? What happened to the dignity of the B horror movie? Actually, I love this shirt, but don’t tell Bela Lugosi that in your next seance.

The Naked Geek

Spectacularly weird shirt. You have design that mimics a cute out of a boxy geek in his underwear that you can piece together for a little paper geek figurine. Except he’s on your shirt and there’s no way he’s standing up made out of fabric.

Happiness Formula

It’s complicated but once you master the happiness formula, life is good.

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