KOOL-AID Man Oh Nooo! T Shirt

by on November 13, 2010

Why is this dude called the Kool-Aid Man? It’s a pitcher with red dyed soft drink and ice in it. Shouldn’t it be the Kool-Aid Pitcher or I’ll even tack on the “Man” part as long as you make it clear you know this is no ordinary man.

Anyway, in this shirt the KOOL-AID was spiked with vodka, and the KOOL-AID man is a light weight, so he took a spill. Kids are going to be sad when they see the scene on this KOOL-AID Man Oh Nooo! T Shirt.

Check out this Kool Aid commercial. It’s pretty sweet. Not bad graphics for the 1970s or as I like to call them Medieval Times. Dude busts through the ceiling, sings like Howlin’ Wolf. Puffy like Kirstie Alley. Moves like James Brown, and it sort of sounds like he says “oh shit yeah,” which is pretty great. The kids are rockin’ tambourine and suspenders. God the 70s were awesome. What comfort for kids to know that any time they want some kind of shitty beverage, all they have to do is call the name of the Kool-Aid man.

Snorg Tees gets around the whole sticky copyright issue with this shirt by calling it cool aid man. Is that right? Are they taking advantage of a gray area in the law? I don’t care, really, the shirt is nice.

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