Kingpin Championship Bowling Match Big Ern Vs. Rubber Man T shirt

by on March 11, 2011

Bobby and Peter Farrelly of the Farrelly Brothers fame have been somewhat hit and miss with their absurd comedies, but I’d have to say Kingpin, starring Bill Murray and Woody Harrelson, was a big hit (or should I say strike…ha ha ha).

That’s why I think you should probably own this Kingpin Championship Bowling Match T Shirt, which highlights the big showdown between “Big Ern” Ernie McCracken, played by Murray, and “Rubber Man” Roy Munson, played by Harrelson.

Of course, if you’re not into those broad humor, you may not want this shirt and that’s completely fine. Deez Teez understands. However, you better give them a chance on something else though, or that wouldn’t be fair at all.

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