King of Spades Beer Funnel T shirt

by on December 1, 2008

Royal party dude. It’s good to be King. The humor is in the details. One, top king is giving the devil rocks sign. Two, the beer is labeled XXX, which is what a lot of unnamed liquor is called, but it’s still funny. Oh, and I guess the fact that the King of Spades split personality is hooking it up with the instant buzz is kinda hilarious as well.

Tis the season to be merry and nothing makes you merrier than liquid spirits. So, let it flow. But, be responsible. I mean, you think this King has a designated driver? Of course he does. It’s that upstanding Jack of Diamonds. Good for him. Of course, it will be his turn to get plowed on New Years.

Hey, hurry up this King of Spades Beer Bong Tshirt is on sale this week (December 1 – December 7, 2008).

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