Killer Whales Killer T Shirt

by on October 3, 2011

Those killer whales are doing a high flipper five, because they just ate a dolphin that had wandered from the pod, and as they were consuming that lovely animal they came upon a grandfather and grandson fishing in a row boat, so they tipped that and ate some more. That for sure is worthy of an out of water, twisting high five. And, to remember the good times you should also wear the Killer Whales Killer T Shirt. Am I right?

Of course, I am. Actually, just got off the horn with Snorg Tees and they saw what I was considering writing about this shirt (yeah I have one of those implants, but it’s totally worth it to be able to work with one of the best in the industry), and they thought that it was a little too dark, when their intention was more of a lighthearted play on words, with a dusting of anthropomorphism. So, there you go. Do it for the happy good oceanic times.

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