Amerrickan Custom Nerdy Skull Logo T Shirt from Kill Brand

by on April 6, 2012

I like this shirt. Skull with yellow glasses on. I don’t even think there are lenses. Of course, who needs lenses when your dead. Eyesight isn’t an issue. The style is the only you have going for you, because skeletons are cool.

And guitars for bones is rock ‘n rool. Jolly Rockin’ Roger indeed.

Zack Merrick designed this Nerdy Skull T Shirt as part of the Amerrickan line, which is why you have that word at the bottom of the shirt. It’s not a communist plot to take over the United States, so don’t worry about that when you’re considering this purchase.

Wait, does anybody ever say that any more? Communist plot. Communism is kind of dead. And the fascism is home grown. I guess terrorism is the flavor of the decade in terms of enemy outside our borders….or in…just ask that ever vigilant Homeland Security.

But, let’s talk more about Kill Brands and specifically this dude Zack’s hand painted designs. They’re cool. They have one-of-a-kind flavor. They’ve got an edge. Lot of guitar and skulls and black, but tweaked with bright yellows and pinks. Pretty interesting and when you get right down to it, a skull wearing glasses frames is pretty funny looking, which means this shirt is snuggly at home on the finest funny t shirt blog in the galaxy.

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Ben Logan April 7, 2012 at 11:32 am

The fascism is homegrown. Youre allright, bOoker Addison! Dude I editorialize on my blog two. Check out my link. Also, this shirt: Cabt top the specs on the skull.


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