Kev Brett: Designer Interview

by on October 31, 2012

What’s your name? Your Internet handle?

Hi I’m Kev also known as kev_brett on twitter.

Where are you from? Where do you live now?

I’m from a distant land filled with weird and wonderful folk – known as the UK and I currently live in the UK. I don’t tend to move about too much.

Tell me about this web comic that you update every Monday and Thursday: The Monkey and the Mouse. How long have you been doing comics. How long has The Monkey and the Mouse been running?

I’ve been doing my TMTM webcomic for almost 2 years now and it follows the antics of two little kiddies aged 2 and 4. It’s actually based on the antics and pitfalls of my 2 kids and the crazy stuff they get themselves into. It’s my first foray into comics and has been an incredible learning experience. Doing a webcomic is time consuming and you find you have to be very disciplined to hit deadlines (which I frequently miss!). I’ve just completed the thumbnails on a 30 plus page comic following the Monkey and the Mouse in their search for cheese. Keep ’em peeled!

How did you get into t-shirt design?

Not really sure how I ended up doing t-shirt designs. I think I had an idea once and thought, that’d look pretty cool on a shirt and so gave it a shot. Don’t actually think the first design was up to much as I can’t remember which one it was..But since then I’ve been loving doing them!

Are you a full time designer?

Unfortunately not. I’m a full time dad, looking after my kids and designing in the evenings/weekends/when the kids are sleeping or at school! Look forward to the day I have more time to commit to designing. All in good time.

How do you describe the type of design you do?

My designs tend to be fun and cartoony and very much pop-culture/film/tv inspired. I used to do a lot of Star Wars inspired stuff but Lucasfilm are pretty brutal when it comes to the SW universe.

What are your favorite t-shirt subjects? Why?

As above. I do like to come up with my own creations and have done a few cartoony style designs. I have one for my TMTM comic and am branching out more in that area very soon. I’m also looking at producing shirts for kids with more kiddie-fied designs and styles.

What’s something that fans of your work don’t know about you?

Oh so many secrets!!! 1 is I wear shorts for about 10 months a year, not sure anyone really wants to know that – not sure I want some “Misery” type “fan” either to be honest…

Where do you draw creative inspiration?

All over the place. My kids and other artists tend to be the main places, but then there are films and tv as well.

What tools do you use to create your designs?

I tend to draw it out in Manga Studio and finish it off in Photoshop, so none of my stuff is vector based, but I feel it has a very sketchy (some might say rubbish) style…I may one day delve into the world of Illustrator, but need to sell a few more shirts before I can do that.

What are the best ways to build awareness of your work?

I think for me it’s ALL about networking – especially social networking, so twitter/facebook/google+ etc. I think almost all of my sales and commissions have come through the awesome power of the internet.

Best movie and/or TV show you saw recently?

Hmm, difficult one. Due to the kids it’s been a long time since we went to the cinema and we don’t tend to watch too much tv at the moment (too busy trying to design), but we did get to see Dark Knight Rises which although a bit slow was awesome!! Really hearing good things about Homeland and really want to see Arrow, so looking forward to those.

Worst sin you ever committed?

I’ve done plenty and feel every one is as bad as the next…so take your pick

What was the first design you ever got printed?

It was one we printed ourselves called Band of Brothers. It was based on the AWESOME tv show with the iconic poster image silhouette but each guy had a musical instrument. It was a black print on sky blue shirt and I love it. Still have the shirt I wear regularly.

Favorite t-shirt that you designed?

Tends to change after each one done, but I think it’s one called Anger Management which was a Tintin inspired design (but unfortunately recently got taken down from Red Bubble). I also like my Hello! Mc-Fly! design and Teddies, bringing down Empires.

What’s your most popular design?

My Avengers inspired design: Assemble closely followed by Hello Wookiee.

Latest design available for sale?

Ghostbusters inspired design: Listen! You Smell Something 

Any new designs coming out soon?

Have a few ideas on the drawing board including another Back to the Future inspired shirt..but then another idea may pop into my head before I get round to it, we’ll see.

Is the world ending this year?

Who knows? Hope not, got a lot to do first!

How do people follow you/find your stuff?

Twitter: @kev_brett
Red Bubble:

Anything you want to add?

Hope you enjoy my work and let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see me tackle!

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