Llama Love T Shirt from Kapo Clothing

by on January 1, 2012

I look at the Llama on this Llama Love T Shirt and I can only think about Napoleon Dynamite and their pet llama out in the sticks of Idaho. He’s feeding the poor animal ham and other lovely bits of table scraps: “eat the food!”  I just saw the movie again, so that’s probably why I’m thinking about it.  It’s one of the greatest comedy films ever.

Anyways, Kapo Clothing put together a handful of nice designs that I like, including this tee featuring pink hearts emanating from the ass region of this sweet little llama, as it stands on a cloud. Beautiful!

Although, it might be a little tricky to think about this animal being raised as a pack animal or a meat animal, neither thing brings to mind bubbly-hearted floatation in terms of happy beast psyche. Of course, I may be putting the human view point on this thing. It may well be that llamas live for carrying a half ton of gear through the mountains, while being prodded with a stick, or meekly accepting slaughter to feed the hungry peeps.

Most of the designs from Kapo Clothing are related to the Peruvian region of South America, which is where this company originates.

The lead singer of the Royalvalet’s is wearing this lovely shirt in this video:

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Victor Lau January 4, 2012 at 12:53 pm

*Our “Llama Love” tshirt from Kapo Clothing was featured in “Royalvalet’s – La Ruta” music video. http://vimeo.com/33088780


Booker Addison January 4, 2012 at 7:03 pm

That’s cool Victor. Let’s see if I can embed that video.


victor lau July 19, 2012 at 7:17 pm


Just wanted to announce that we just released the KAPO CLOTHING tshirt line up for the summer of 2012. Please take a look at the new designs (100% PIMA cotton and prewashed).



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