Jurassic Park Seinfeld Goodbye Newman T Shirt from Busted Tees

by on February 7, 2012

Don’t have any idea what this means. I’m pretty sure there’s not a weird dinosaur butterfly on a shirt that is bidding farewell to Paul Newman. Randy Newman has sung songs that have the word goodbye in them, but again the dinosaur butterfly isn’t making sense.

There’s a Newman character in Seinfeld. Did Jerry say Goodbye Newman a lot. Jerry didn’t like his neighbor that much, so that’s plausible. And, maybe the dinosaur is one of those misdirection things where the image is one thing and the text is something entirely different. Just to produce cognitive dissonance in those that pass by, which possibly offers them a new perspective on life…like an acid trip without dealing with seedy hippie dealers.

Just kidding. I know that the character Newman on Seinfeld also played Dennis in the movie Jurassic Park, who met his demise by the mud spit and teeth of the dinosaur featured on this Goodbye Newman T Shirt.

So, basically, what Busted Tees did here was a mashup of the two different pieces of entertainment. And, that makes it spectacular.

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