Jewnion Label Combines Jewish Culture With Union Logos

by on June 24, 2011

Jewnion Label is a spectacularly odd combination of Jewish culture and union labeling. You know how unions have those logos that look like creepy cabal Masons, skull & crossbones with circles and symbols and stuff. And you know how there are predominant behaviors or patterns in different groups of people, including the Jewish culture. Well, combine sort of a blue collar workingman ethos with the distinct Jewish customs and proclivities and you get something altogether unique and strangely appealing. It’s a celebration of the co-mingling of opposites.

Jew + Union = Jewnion. Wordplay. Get it?

Check out just a few of the featured groups:

International Order of Challah Makers
United Bagel Boilers, Slicers, Schmearers & Scarfers
Union of Jewish Handymen
Amalgated Menschen International
Associated Jewish Outdoorsman
Guild of Jewish Mothers

This is funny stuff. The designs are excellent. If you’re Jewish or have a few Jewish friends, or simply enjoy the Jews on any level, then you probably need to take a good hard look at Jewnion Label’s offerings. You’re going to find something you like.

And that’s not just a schpeel.

Zay gezunt.

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Marc Polish June 24, 2011 at 7:14 pm

If became aware of Jewnion Label product recently, and as someone who is in the same business selling to the same audience. All I can saw is what a great job the have done, and it will only all of us in this market place.

There product is so good I am going to place an order and will be more than happy to pay retail. Their products are an asset to the maketplace.



Marc Polish June 24, 2011 at 7:15 pm

Sorry for the typo’s I was so excited, I was rushing to go to the site and place my order.


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