Jesus QR Bar Code T Shirt

by on September 14, 2011

Can this really be somebody’s QR Bar Code? Please. I love Jesus. He needs to be everywhere. In fact, I have him on top of my pen. It’s a Jesus pen topper and it gives me strength when I write important notes to my mother, such as “Sorry for forgetting to take out the trash. It’s gone now, and the maggot situation is under control…I think.”

So be sure to spread the love, loaves, fishes, and wine by wearing this Jesus QR Bar Code T Shirt.

Actually, the one thing Headline Shirts didn’t really think of, was that the use of QR codes is the penultimate sign for the end of times. That technology is going to be the perfect carrier for the mark of the beast. So maybe this isn’t as adorable as I first thought. In fact it quite possibly may be blasphemous. Hey, boys, can I get a ruling on that. Oops.

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