Jeremy Lin Linsanity T Shirt from Busted Tees

by on February 21, 2012

Another Linsanity T Shirt, but leave it to Busted Tees to get a little creative with it, stacking it up in three-letter blocks. You all know the Jeremy Lin story by now. I don’t need to rehash the crazy underdog tale of a great high school player going unrecruited, then attending Harvard and killing the Ivy League, and going undrafted. Then bouncing around…Golden State, Houston, and, finally, landing in New York where he gets a chance for meaningful minutes and make the most of them, all the while, reviving the Knicks season, and creating genuine intrigue as they try to work with this new, exciting point guard piece that literally came out of nowhere.

Did I mention he’s Taiwanese-American, which is a first in the League, which also makes this thing hugely interesting.

This video kind of delves into some of the racial stuff. Good old comedy turning the mirror on society.

Here’s a list of the best Jeremy Lin T Shirts on the web.

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