Jealous Fanny Pack T Shirt

by on November 8, 2010

This is a really spectacular shirt. I’m pretty sure that’s a business man with a neon green fanny pack on. The design style is like those iPod ads, where the person is a silhouette and the product is highlighted in vivid color. The next beautiful part of the Jealous Fanny Pack T Shirt is the fact that it asks if you are jealous.

Because sometimes you see a style and immediately you wish it was yours. You can probably go get it if you have the budget to fund it, but you’re still way behind the person rocking the most amazing fashion.

Question. Why do they call it fanny pack when I have only seen them in the front. I guess crotch sack or gut sack just doesn’t sound quite as cute or appealing. Snorg Tees know that this fabulously convenient accessory is making a huge comeback and as always, they’re in front of the wave.

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