Javaboi Industries Tees Celebrate Coffee Consumption

by on April 10, 2011

Javaboi Industries buzzes with style and humor and fills an important niche in this java-fueled world we are living in: funny coffee t shirts. What a novelty and what a niche. People love to parade around their fancy mugs, and stainless steel carafe’s, and grind and brew their fancy beans, or laugh at their slavish addiction to the local cafe’s offerings.

Coffee has rabid, devoted followers, and coffee shirts are a very nice addition to their caffeine-addled lifestyles. Javaboi Industries opened for business in January 2011.

Javaboi Industries, founder Eric Anthony Johnson, has a common story told well, about having kids, getting overwhelmed with bills, working multiple jobs and trying to start a business. Good news is it looks like he’s hit it out of the ball park with Javaboi.

He’s developed a great logo, the old school coffee cup with sneakers and fat laces definitely pleases the eye and makes you smile. What more do you want on your casual attire?

Some of the cooler shirts include:

Mug Shot

Nice touch with the height lines and the ball and chain hanging from the handle.

Mug Face

The classic Scarface black and white design with the Javaboi, instead of Al Pacino, and coffee instead of coke.

Nerds Rock

Throw some thick glasses on anything and it becomes a nerd, and we all know nerd culture loves some coffee.

Go check out Javaboi Industries. I think they’re an up-and-comer in the cool branding apparel game.

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Wade Lee April 10, 2011 at 8:08 pm

I love Javaboi Industries…. Javaboi perked up my style!
Javaboi Cream and Swagger OOTN Video Link Below
xxxooo Wade Lee


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