Japanese You Just Lost the Game T Shirt

by on April 25, 2011

Of course, the game is if you think about the game, you just lost the game. So, if you see this Japanese You Just Lost the Game T Shirt you lose the game. It’s not a permanent mark on your record or anything, but you did just lose, because the shirt triggered the thought and the thought is the lose. Of course, if you don’t read Japanese you would have to read the fine print on the shirt, because it says: “Translation: You Just Lost the Game!” on the front. And, on the back it says: “Translation: Crushing Defeat.”

T-Shirt Bordello handles this mind-boggling game that has swept across the country with great alacrity. What better way then put it in a different language then have people move up close and squint and read and then get hammered with the realization that they lost the game. Excellent.

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