College Humor Jake and Amir For the Wolf T Shirt

by on September 6, 2010

This is the shirt featured in the Jake and Amir video at College Humor. It gets all crazy technological and futuristic that you can watch a video in which a tshirt is featured prominently and that same t shirt can be purchased on the web on the same day you see the video entertainment.

The premise is Amir always wants to proclaim Jake his best friend. Jake isn’t super keen on the idea and people around the office are letting Amir know that the best friend thing is bunk. Thus, Amir goes the extra mile and has tshirts made that proclaim that Jake and Amir are best friends or are bonded around heavy mystical shit like wolves.

The beauty of this whole thing is College Humor and Busted Tees are in cahoots, so we have a video tshirt symbiosis going on that could only happen in the Internet age. Are you proud to be alive. I am. That’s why I’m making a very strong suggestion: Buy the Jake and Amir For the Wolf College Humor T Shirt.

You can see the video that launched a marketing revolution here.

Busted Tees is always on the cutting edge of comedy, humor, marketing, and botany. Amazing range really.

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