Jake and Amir College Humor Oh Sheesh Y’all Twas a Dream T Shirt

by on November 6, 2010

So, Busted Tees and College Humor are sister sites so occasionally you’ll see a collaboration between the two. Here it looks like they came up with the video and t shirt idea all at the same time. So, you have Amir talking about this shirt, saying he told the design team at Busted Tees that it was a line from a funny movie, but it really wasn’t.

Amir is all confused as Jake and Taco (is that what they called him) try to explain to him that,yes, they printed a thousand of them and, yes, they are for sale. Amir just can’t quite rap his mind around it and it’s in that conundrum that you have the humor that will drive views to the video below and, of course, to the Jake and Amir College Humor Oh Sheesh Y’all Twas a Dream T Shirt. Remember it’s not really a quote from a movie and that’s why it’s funny. Don’t forget. Someone might ask you what the hell the shirt means when you’re wearing it and you need to be able to explain, because you need to represent.

Here’s the link to that video: http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1923177

Don’t forget that the model wearing this shirt is spectacular, so if you haven’t found a reason to buy this shirt, let that be the final piece of evidence that finds you guilty of wanting to associate with her any way you can, even if that means buying a tee that she once wore in a photo shoot. Who knows, you may run into her next time you’re in New York City.

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