I’ve Never Seen Star Wars T Shirt

by on December 8, 2010

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…Nah Just Kidding, I’ve Never Seen Star Wars T Shirt. So, I’m trying to get the logic or purpose of this shirt. Most hilarious shirts are purchased to impress your friends or like-minded people you hang out with in bars or rodeo after parties. I suppose you know if you’re a nerd or geek or perhaps in the case of this shirt if you’re not really one of those, but you hang with those that are, then you can do a kind of gotcha on them. They’re Star Wars freaks. They have Boba Fett posters on the inside roof of their cars…Gremlins and Toyota Matrix’s for those that were able to make it through the Network Administrator interview process. Anyway, they have an immediate attraction to anything that has that scrolling movie font on it, so they move close read the “A long time ago” bit, get excited then you stomach punch them with that off-handed just kidding, I’ve never even seen Star Wars.

Now, they got excited for nothing, and they probably have now removed you from persons they might possibly want to become friends with at some point, which is sad for them, because there’s not a lot of people on that list, because in this regard they are realists.

Basically, what all this means is that Headline Shirts knows very well there’s not one person on the planet that has never seen Star Wars, so this is an absurdist T-Shirt.

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