I’ve Got a Black Belt in Keepin’ It Real T Shirt

by on December 17, 2008

ive-got-black-belt-in-keepin-it-real-tshirtIt comes down to bein’ yourself. Doing what your heart tells you to do. Not takin’ it from the man. Takin’ it to the stage or the street. Speakin’ troof. And, of course, keepin’ it real. I actually can’t wear this tshirt yet, because I only have a green belt in keepin’ it real, but I go to the dojo of realness daily workin’ on my skills.

I will prevail. I will qualify to wear this shirt just as soon as I stop takin’ corporate payola from big pharma, monsanto and exxon, I will totally be a black belt. Baby steps, baby. Baby steps.

If you are certified black belt from an accredited school, it’s a no brainer. Buy I’ve Got a Black Belt in Keepin’ It Real!

Local Celebrity knows what keepin’ it real really means. They’re not co-opting the phrase for financial gain. Their offering an example of right living for anyone that cares to listen and see.

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Jeff August 31, 2019 at 12:42 pm

Is it possible to still purchase this design “i’ve got a black belt in keeping it real” ?



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