It’s the Freakin Weekend T Shirt

by on March 25, 2011

It is time to celebrate man. The work week is over. Kick off your shoes, sit back and relax. Drink a cold one. Boss the kids around. Smoke a doobie in front of your mom. Whatever. It’s the weekend. Or if you’re younger, the weekend the perfect time to organize threesomes. Not so practical during the week when you have classes in the morning and homework at night, but the weekend was made for adventure. I sort of sound like a beer commercial or something, but the reality is you find more truth in a beer commercial than you do a full year’s worth of Congressional sessions. Did I even say that right.

Local Celebrity wants you to have fun and Friday night, Saturday and Sunday are perfect. Wear this It’s the Freakin’ Weekend T Shirt as a reminder.

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