It’s Gettin’ Kinda Hectic T Shirt

by on March 18, 2010

Happy March Madness. Celebrating all of the young, active, muscular athletes, gracefully gliding through the air to the hoop. This is to help you remember the other side of the humanity continuum and to keep it real.

I know what he means. He could be all alone but if he’s pounding out some of those emotionally powerful classics like Old Gray Mare. I mean she ain’t what she used to be. It’s healthy to admit it, but it ain’t easy. That’s hectic. Emotions, memories, nostalgia, regret, depression, thoughts of suicide. After a life un-lived that little piano hobby you picked up isn’t going to pull you out of a deep mucky morass like that.

Scary I know. Getting old is a bitch and there’s nothing you can do about it. Remember where you’re headed with the It’s gettin’ kinda hectic tshirt.

Have you heard the news, Busted Tees sells shirts that will make your belly jiggle.

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