It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia 7 Day Forecast T Shirt

by on December 23, 2010

This is quite clever and if you like the show then you probably need to get the 7 Day Sunny Philadelphia Forecast T Shirt. It’s funny and nice and warm you up even if it’s not sunny in your neck of the woods.

Danny Devito will thank you if you wear this shirt, even though neither he nor the show will get a penny for the sale of the shirt, because Busted Tees has done a sneaky thing. They’ve captured the magic of the show without using any copyrighted material. Thus, they don’t have to work up a licensing agreement, and pay X amount of dollars per shirt sold. Nope, instead they get to keep all the profit. That’s the sweet thing about being super creative and going off on tangents from existing work and it’s how art and entertainment has been developed since the beginning of man.

One caveman drew a horse and a fire. The next caveman drew a turd dropping out of the horse. And, then someone came along yesterday and defaced the preserved site with a big ol’ spray painted LOL. It’s the cycle of art in this big crazy world of ours. Embrace it.

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