Iron Man 2 Movie Tshirt

by on June 1, 2010

iron man 2 tshirt Iron Man 2 Movie Tshirtbuy tshirt button2 Iron Man 2 Movie TshirtDude, you will totally have powers like Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man 2, when you don this tshirt. It’s basically that exact same thing as that uniform he wears. You could totally deal with a nuclear bomb once you buy this Iron Man 2 T-shirt and slip it on. Seriously. Now, forget about a dirty bomb, or biological warfare, or civilian airplanes into a building, you really couldn’t do shit about those threats but you got the old skool 1986 nuclear warhead covered.

Just kidding, you could totally take care of all that stuff with this tshirt, but you have to wash it on a daily basis, so you actually need to buy 7 Iron Man 2 Shirts, so you’ll have fresh powers on a daily basis. Oh, and you’ll need to do a significant amount of heroine for a lot of years, then switch that addiction out with maniacal exercise, just like Downey Jr. Now you’re ready to take care of some business blockbuster-style.

Nerdy Shirts has spawned more heroes than any North American-based tshirt company in the last three months.

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