iPod iSwim Whale T Shirt from Red Bubble

by on January 8, 2012

Here you have the much emulated Apple marketing design of the dark figure with the white iPod, iPhone, iWhatever cord on a killer whale. So, naturally if you’re an Apple and sea creature fan, you’re going to want the iSwim T Shirt.

But there’s more. The shirt also says “Echolocation never sounded so clear,” which takes this shirt from just cute to cute and funny, which is a combination that often becomes high in demand with those with sophisticated two feature t-shirt tastes. And, if you’re on this blog, it’s already assumed you are in the upper echelon of style and taste, so this tee designed by Mundy Hackett and made available on Red Bubble, has a very good chance of being something you want in your wardrobe.

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