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by on September 1, 2012

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Invisible Obama 2012 – A Chair We Can Believe In: Can we really vote for a chair, because that seems like the most viable option.

Clint Eastwood did some amazing work at the Republican National Convention the other day. I’m pretty sure it was less a Romney endorsement and more an Obama scolding. I’m guessing Eastwood voted for Obama because he could see the need for change, but was disenchanted very quickly when he saw that Obama was the same President as all the others. Beholden to corporate interests and shackled by the foreign policy of rogue agencies.

Interesting speech. Somewhat incoherent. Slightly absurd. And, definitely not a ringing endorsement. Kind a random meandering from a man that is disillusioned with the politics.

“I can’t tell Romney to do that to himself.” Is this pro-Romney?

Watch it:

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