Intercourse Witnesses T Shirt

by on January 14, 2013


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Okay, you may have questions. Is this a real team? No, but it’s still a great shirt because it mixes some real elements and a great design for a fabulous, funny, and might I say “awesome” sports logo.

Intercourse really is the name of a village in Pennsylvania where a bunch of Amish people live. And this place was the setting for the movie Witness. Thus, Intercourse Witnesses. I can imagine the cheers in a very dark gym (no lights) In-Ter-Course. In-Ter-Course. Cheerleaders in burlap sacks from chin to toes. Playing basketball with a hand-sewn ball, and a real peach basket. In-Ter-Course.

Of course, there’s the place where the dirty minds go, and it has something to do with voyeurism, catching someone cheating, or perhaps even a younger sibling catching you break the house rules.

Doesn’t matter where this design takes your imagination. It’s a great design no matter what.

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