Indiana Jones Forget the Hat T Shirt from Snorg Tees

by on January 30, 2012

Indiana always got away with all the daring shit he did on his archelogical expeditions. But, I think he was just lucky. He could have easily had a misstep and died at the hands of the diabolical hands of those heinous individuals that create booby traps in caves and caverns and crypts…let’s call them booby trappers.

This Forget the Hat T Shirt shows what might have been had Indy reached in just a second later for his beloved hat. A miserable death stuck under a door. Unless of course he pulls a 127 hours and cuts that arm off. But, in this scenario he does not. He dies a sad, painful death. Meanwhile, the fedora still looks great. Don’t you think?

Snorg Tees put this together very nicely for your wearing enjoyment. So enjoy it then already now.

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