In Case of Rapture Can I Have Your Stuff Tshirt

by on November 26, 2008

See this is funny because if you speak like this or even where the words on a shirt, you are basically admitting you’re a heathen, will not ascend to heaven during the second coming and will be spending some time on earth as the anti-Christ takes over during the Great Tribulation.

Of course, if you can get commitments from several well-heeled Christians who are part of the chosen few, the cool stuff you get your hands on may be enough succor for the pain caused by not making the cut for Team Heaven.

Also, you can say you WERE READY when they wish we’d all been ready and that being LEFT BEHIND won’t be so bad now that you have the sweet ass Land Cruiser your chosen buddy left you.

This In Case of Rapture, Can I Have Your Stuff? tshirt is an easy way to start up this somewhat difficult conversation. Wearing it will keep you strong, when they try to drop that fire and brimstone stuff on you.

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