I’m Loving IT T Shirt from Tshirt Bordello

by on January 18, 2012

I have the Ronald McDonald reference but what’s the horror film part of the deal. I have no idea. Okay 22 seconds of Internet research and I have it figured out. IT is the name of a Stephen King novel. There’s your horror. Tshirt Bordello gave me a clue in their description of the shirt referencing Derry, Maine. It is all coming together right now.

I suppose there was some crazy clown in IT. Let me check on that for accuracy’s sake. Lord knows I’m a stickler for fact checking. Alrighty then. There’s a clown on the cover. That pretty much solves all of that mystery. I love Ronald McDonald as a coked out freak with male pattern baldness, but holding strong to the long side locks. Good for this scary, creepy clown.

And good for you for knowing what this I’m Loving IT T Shirt means because you’re a fan of the prolific Mr. King and you do or do not like a little McDonalds every once in a while. Not sure if that part matters.

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