Anchorman I’m Kind of a Big Deal T shirt

by on January 13, 2009

im-kind-of-a-big-deal-tshirt_large This tshirt is universally adored, just like Ron Burgundy’s mustache, so it must have its own post on Tshirt Groove. It’s a classic…in fact I think it was the first funny t shirt ever put on the market. How about that for some interesting e-commerce tid bits.

I think the widespread appeal comes from the faux humility and back door bravado. And, it’s a line in the greatest comedy cinema since Metropolis. And, it was the grand, flower strewn-float upon which, cutie-model-girl next door, Alice Fraasa, entered the dreams of every poorly postured programmer this side of the Bermuda Triangle…and beyond.

OK, basically, go ahead and pick a bunch of these I’m kind of a big deal tshirts for your friends and family and let them know if they want to prove that they were down with the fo real schnizzle back in the day.

And, here, my friends, is an article on the New New Deal, which has nothing to do with kinda being a big deal, but a lot to do with the current economy and learning from history and shit.

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