I’m A Keeper T Shirt

by on March 28, 2011

I love the fishing language women use about men. First of all, most women know nothing about fishing, but they’ve probably rolled their eyes enough as they walk through the living room and see their man watching a fishing show on TV, when they should be chipping away at the honey do list. And, the dudes on fishing shows say “that’s a keeper” about every 2.5 minutes, so even though she’s not listening to the stupid show, she is subliminally getting hammered with that phraseology. Then, as she’s talking about her single friends, she keeps mentioning eligible bachelors that could be keepers, which is sort of a funny turn of events, because really they don’t want that man to have anything to do with the fishing shows or anything else that involves sitting on your ass for hours at a time, ignoring the woman and the list of shit she wants him to do.

Get the I’m a Keeper T Shirt to further mess with the minds of the women in your general vicinity. Local Celebrity finds this type of sport to be the only one with true gamesmanship.

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