I’m a Dog Person T Shirt

by on December 22, 2010

That dog person has a monocle and white tuxedo on, which just makes this shirt all the more creepy looking. But, I have to admit, I’m a wordplay guy, and this, my friend, is a wordplay with graphic support. Of course, if you just have I’m a dog person written on your shirt, other dog people will recognize your honesty and go “ah, isn’t that sweet.” And, non-dog people will probably avoid you…’cuz maybe they’re allergic or too busy going to hell. You may get people coming up asking what kind of dog you have. That all changes when you stick the head of a dog on the body of an elegant man. Now, you get the weirdos flocking to you like you like they had the herpes and you had the antidote (sorry Chris Rock…I just murdered your joke).

It is for this very reason that you, as the freak that you are, will want to purchase and wear the I’m a Dog Person T Shirt. Weirdos and freaks will flock to you. You will make friends. Find lovers. Build a network of like-minded people. And, that is worth a ton more than the measly $20 you’re going to drop for the shirt at Busted Tees.

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