If You Can Read This You Are a Socialist T Shirt

by on November 25, 2010

Nice social commentary on this fine t-shirt. You have the freaky Right complaining about NoBama’s expenditures on healthcare, education, and infrastructure. It’s a dangerous game to want everything to be privatized and to call every public works a socialist agenda. Privatization is not always the answer. We need government. We’ve had government. We became great with government. I’m all for the capitalism, but there’s a happy balance between public services and private enterprise. I think hopefully maybe we learned something with the bank debacle. They got those pesky “government” regulations  swept aside, but they had no dignity, respect, or morality to regulate themselves. Greed took over and it brought the great United States to the brink of collapse.

If you agree with this then you probably need to have the If You Can Read This You Are a Socialist T Shirt. The visage of Vladimir Lenin with this message that you used a government program when you went to school is sure to spark debate, which is highly encouraged. Pull out the wallet. Support some capitalism and then make your message clear. We need government. Of course, I have a laundry list of things that need to be fixed in the government, because it’s busted and broke, but the answer is not complete privatization of everything.

Headline Shirts did the thing here. Of course, the whole wrinkle in this argument is the nutty home schoolers, and rich private institutions, but it will certainly spark a debate.

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Lauren June 26, 2017 at 1:18 am

Stupid shirt. Another example of historic ignorance.

If Solzhenitsyn had seen a teacher in the U.S. walking around with this shirt on (like I did) I can imagine he would have given a good lecture on it’s imbecility, and the teacher’s shameful ignorance at minimum.

This T- shirt inspires me to start a discussion alright, and to counter with the Q…

“Ready for another Gulag comrades”?


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