If Vegetarians Eat Vegetables Beware Humanitarians T Shirt

by on February 7, 2011

What we have here is a thinking person’s wordplay shirt. And a good one at that. Not sure why our humanitarian is some fuzzy, one-eyed beastasaur, nor why our soon to be victim is eating some kind of nasty boiled spinach, but the message is still there and it’s still funny.

I think maybe if Sean Penn, who was named Celebrity Humanitarian of the year in December 2010, was sneaking up on a dude, or maybe a baby, or even an emaciated starving person, then you have a bit more of a powerful concept. Of course, I think if you use Sean Penn’s likeness, you’re talking about $6.5 million. That’s just talking about it. In fact, I’ll probably get some prorated bill in the mail for mentioning it in the blog post. Plus, I’m not sure how well known the Celebrity Humanitarian of the year award is. Probably not quite as widespread in its reach as say the Oscars, or Nobel Prize, or Major League Soccer’s MVP, and who the hell remembers any of those.

Whatever. If you like Sean Penn, and you know a vegetarian or two you’ll want to get the If Vegetarians Eat Vegetables Beware Humanitarians T Shirt. Snorg Tees will not donate anything to any cause if you do get the shirt, because wearing the shirt is a worthy cause in and of itself.

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Fun Fish T-shirts February 8, 2011 at 2:39 pm

I like the feel of the art in this t-shirt. It’s got a kind of retro look. Nicely done.


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