Donkey Pinata I’d Hit That T Shirt

by on September 5, 2008

See. Here’s why this is funny. That’s a pinata and anybody that’s been to a 5–12 year-old’s birthday party in the last 20 years, knows that pinatas are very often involved. Hit the pinata blind folded. Eventually, the thing breaks open and there you go: candy.

Thing is this is sort of racy vernacular is certain circles. Like people, normally dudes, say I’d hit that to mean they’d have intercourse with the person in site. So, you see the humor comes in a very powerful comedic tool: the switcherooni.

Instead of some blonde bombshell, you have a crepe paper and paste multi-colored donkey. And you’re done.

Get the i’d hit that tshirt because you’ll laugh your ass off every time you where it. And so will everybody else in your general vicinity.

I gotta testify Busted Tees is something to sees.

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