I’d Be Happy To Teach You How to Live on a Shitty Salary Tee

by on December 26, 2009

All the teachers up in here just craughed a little right there. You know the cry-laugh combo that happens when a joke hits way too close to home. Especially, right now, as they sit home on Winter Break and reflect. Trying to look at the bright side – tons of days off. However, then the overall picture comes into focus and they remember they are poorly compensated. Then, they’ll get all philosophical as they link about how little emphasis (or rather value) is placed on the molding of future adults minds.

It’s enough to consider selling insurance or going into marketing. OK, it’s not that bad. Teachers aren’t looking at this message and teetering on the edge of selling their soul. Still, if there’s one thing most hardworking teachers know from experience and could teach half asleep, it’s this. Are you a teacher? Do you sympathize with their plight? Are you concerned with the general state of education in the United States? Or do you simply love humor involving hot blonde teachers and a blackboard? If you nodded your head to any of these questions, then your only option today is finding a way, financially, to get you hands on I’d Be Happy To Teach You How to Live on a Shitty Salary Tee.

For the most part, Busted Tees rock my little wobbly world.

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