Ice Cube’s a Pimp T Shirt

by on December 3, 2010

Today was a Good Day by Ice Cube. That’s where this whole Ice Cube’s a Pimp on a Blimp T shirt is coming from. Headline Shirts know what time it is when it comes to classic rap. Everyone knows this song.

“Even saw the lights of the Goodyear Blimp and it read Ice Cube’s a Pimp.”

If you want to celebrate good days where everything just goes right, then you probably need to wear this shirt. Actually, this is a really good idea, because I think many people, myself included, are too negative. We could use a little positivity, even if your idea of a good day doesn’t include not having to use your AK.

Hell, wear this shirt when it looks like it could be a little rough. Might be enough positive vibes to turn it around. I’m starting to sound like Will Smith:

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