I Wish I Hadn’t Gone to a Liberal Arts College T shirt

by on November 13, 2009

i-wish-i-hadnt-gone-to-a-liberal-arts-college-teeIt’s alright if you own the place, selling millions of natural bristle fiber broom units. But, if you’re the sucker in the room making $9.65 an hour, bundling up the flax straw, then you’re probably second-guessin’ that Art Appreciation bachelors.

Then again, if your buddy can sneak you in to the Museum of Contemporary Art, then you’re probably appreciating the shit out of those galleries and they may boost your quality of life significantly.

Anyways, if you’re wishing you had gone into biochemistry, and are looking at job openings at AlphaVax with much longing, then you should probably get this shirt to serve as a reminder to get your Masters degree in something useful.

I Wish I Hadn’t Gone to a Liberal Arts College Tshirt

I wouldn’t lie to you…this is the absolutely true Busted Tees Review.

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