I Support the T Party Mister T Tshirt

by on July 15, 2010

You gotta love the retro love of Mister T. Don’t talk to me about the remake. Don’t talk to me about Rampage Jackson. I’m talkin’ about the Mister T appreciation. With the mohawk and gold chains, he was an over-the-top original and the world was a better place because of his work on the A Team and as Clubber Lang in Rocky III. Right? Right!

So, now that that’s settled let’s talk about the tea party tards. I actually agree that the U.S. Government has gone severely astray and I would say most of that has to do with the pay to play arrangements Congressmen have with lobbyists. Thus, the banking industry continues to hose the American people, we fight unnecessary wars, health care is still a shitty sham, and Sarah Palin is an honored Maverick, revered for her common stupidity.

But, these tea party people don’t think clearly. They’re talking about death panels and socialism and communism, and, basically, they’re way off base. So, when you bring up teabaggers and combine them with Mister T, you get some sweet irony and gut-busting hilarity. This is why you should pick up I Support the T Party Mister T Tshirt or the terrorists win.

T-shirt Hell and politics do mix in an irreverent, the system is broken, kind of way.

Check out Mister T these days. This is him reading for the excellent animated feature film, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

Check out Mister T on the A Team “sucker”:

Here he is as Clubber Lang in Rocky III:

Here’s the trailer for the A Team movie that came out this year:

Bill Maher puts on his Tea Party hat:

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