I Still Play With Dolls T Shirt from T Shirt Hell

by on January 31, 2012

I’m not sure what to make of this tee. It may be edgy because you have a cute little stuffed doll, but the user is no longer playing innocently like a child with it. Instead, there are needles poked into it and part of an arm ripped off, which leads one to believe there is some voodoo going on here. This is somewhat disturbing, because voodoo is a dark art, and has great potential for harming people, who are not under psychic protection.

Do you still play with dolls in this manner? Are you a crazy voodoo witch? Let me know in comments. Let’s start up some friendly debate on the merits of using voodoo to harm your enemies.

Oh, and if you like the I Still Play With Dolls T Shirt why not go ahead and get it right now before you forget.

Only Tshirt Hell can take an innocent little children’s plaything into a dark place.

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