I Really Just Want to Have Sex With You T Shirt

by on January 5, 2011

Kind of a sneaky thing going on here. From a distance it just looks like you love all of humanity. Anybody that comes into your general vicinity is someone you love because it says so on your shirt. Of course, if they take a closer look they may not feel so great about the direction the population on Earth is taking.

You have to love this fake out type of stuff, which is why you need the I Really Just Want to Have Sex With You T Shirt. Of course, this shirt by Deez Teez could get you in a bit of trouble if you’re not bi-sexual. I mean, you have to assume you’re going to be running into men and women in the course of a night out on the town. And they all may end up reading the fine print because it is an eye catching shirt.

What do you do? Keep another layer with a zipper on top of it, and if the ideal candidate comes around you open it to let her see. Otherwise, nobody sees. It’s a tricky thing to wear but could be well worth it.

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