I Put the S&M into ScoutMaster T-Shirt

by on August 29, 2010

This probably hits way too close to home for a lot of men. I men the Boy Scouts of America were incorporated in 1910 (happy 100th). That’s a lot of time to refine the art of diddling little boys in tents way out in the wilderness. Am I right?

Probably had a parallel growth to the Catholic church and their lovely priesthood’s dirty little secret. I’m guessing there was one guy, who loved the outdoors and was also a Catholic priest…hell, maybe even a Bishop, and he slowly started to introduce fucking little boys to both groups. He perhaps was a bit of pariah at first, but he was very persuasive and very smart in how he spread the good news. Now, in 2010, you have a rock solid reputation of underage sodomy built up for both orgs.

I’m not saying this is exactly how it went down, and I’m not naming any names, but that’s a very plausible explanation for why wonderful companies like T Shirt Hell find it necessarily to shine a light on the uglier side of our collective consciousness. Why they really need to produce hard hitting material like:

I Put the S&M into Scoutmaster T Shirt.

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