I Push My Own Head Down T Shirt from T Shirt Hell

by on February 19, 2012

I guess this is kind of a BJ t shirt. And, it’s murky enough to open it up for discussion. What does this mean exactly? If you request felatio are you initiating by gently pushing the giver’s head toward your lap? Or like this I Push My Own Head Down T Shirt, do you what for the giver to get down there under their own power. I feel like you can either directly ask for the service or you can sort of inquire about it happening with a little nudge.

Anything more is a little too forceful.

Wait, here’s a better question. Has T Shirt Hell ever sold one of these shirts. I mean, who’s going to wear it? Empowered women. Empowered gay men. I don’t really get how this shirt gets much action, but you never know what’s gonna happen with a shirt that features pink fingernails.

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